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custom orthotics

What is Orthotics?

Our Certified Pedorthist-C.Ped (C) completes an assessment to determine if an orthotic device is needed.

Orthotics are the orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function and are designed to treat, adjust and support various biomechanical foot disorders.

Not all Orthotics are created equally…. All our orthotics are produced and manufactured by Biothech Technologies located in Enfield Nova Scotia and is a BAPFOL certified lab with the highest certification for orthotic labs in Canada. There are very few labs in Canada that have BAPFOL certification.

At St.Margaret's Bay Physiotherapy Clinic we have over 20 years of experience providing Orthotics to our patients of all ages and lifestyles."

How do I know what is right for me?

Our Certified Pedorthist will perform a biomechanical assessment to evaluate whether you need custom orthotics, orthopaedic footwear, shoe modifications or off the shelf products to achieve the desired outcome

There are several common symptoms that may indicate misalignment of the feet:

  • Abnormal shoe wear
    (e.g., one side of the sole of the shoe wears out faster that the other)
  • Bunions
  • Chronic heel (e.g., plantar fasciitis) knee, or low back pain
  • Flatfeet
  • Frequent ankle sprains
  • Shin pain (e.g., shin splints)

Can I Claim Orthotics Through My Insurance ?

As of May 2013 many insurance policies require orthotics to be fitted by an orthotic specialist such as a Certified Pedorthist in order to be covered by insurance, along with a Doctor's referral.

Schedule an appointment with our Certified Pedorthist to determine if this is the right solution for you.